Total Rewards Academy program

In partnership with The Reward Practice Ltd.


Get your WorldatWork - Global Remuneration Professional® (GRP®) certificate and expand both your skill base and your professional peer group network. The Total Rewards Academy is for reward professionals of all seniority levels and also HR professionals with an interest for Reward.


Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Mærsk, Electrolux, IKEA & more, laid the groundwork working with The Reward Practice Ltd. to tailor a highly effective condensed program structured in three one-week course programs delivered in the span of one year. This is significantly shorter than the 3-5 years customary for the public W@W programs.


For 2022, this programme is open to all Scandinavian companies, irrespective of size or industry. It has been a proven concept for all experience levels, and you have the opportunity to be added to the over 200 HR and Rewards professionals from Scandinavia’s finest companies who have already benefited from this unique development programme. 

Course Structure for 2022/23

Each course typically has 25-30 participants in order to facilitate open classroom style discussions. The plan below sets out how the 10 courses are split between the 3 course weeks. The 10 courses follow a logical pattern of learning about Rewards.


There is an examination for each course. These can be taken online at your convenience. The objective is to ensure that everyone passes their exams. Recordings of each course are provided for revision and self-study.


Case studies

In addition to the 10 courses in the World at Work program, you will benefit from actual case studies from the sponsor companies as well as from Mercer, which this year also includes experiences learned and challenges related to working in the post-COVID world.


Case studies will be sent out in advance, but these are mostly for group discussion and no preparatory work is required.


Catch-up courses available

Due to the strong interest generated by this programme, late registrants may still participate by attending the 3, 2-day Foundation Week catch-up courses. These catch-up courses are 5 hours per day in duration, and start each day at 3PM CEST, in order to accommodate both European and North American participants. See below for details.





Foundation Week:


Total Rewards Management


Job Analytics, Evaluation and Documentation


Base Pay Administration & Pay for Performance


Scheduled for May / June

Details below


Skills Development Week:


Market Pay & Pricing


International Remuneration


Variable Pay


Scheduled for November


Future Perspectives Week:


Business Acumen for Compensation professionals


Qualitative Principles in Compensation Management


Strategic Communication in Total Rewards


International Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals


Scheduled for May 2023


Schedule for Foundation Week courses



On location


Currently no courses scheduled

Last course week was June 13th - 17th, 2022

Lundbeck, Copenhagen, Denmark






Foundation Week catch-up courses available for 2022

  • Total Rewards (Course GR1): 2/3 August
  • Job Analysis, Documentation & Evaluation (Course GR3): 5/6 September
  • Base Pay/Pay for Performance (Course GR4): 4/5 October

5 hour day courses starting at 15:00 hours CEST


Short facts & pricing


  • The program will be delivered by The Reward Practice Ltd., a UK company licensed by WorldatWork to provide this programme
  • The primary instructor for delivery of the mentioned courses will be Alan Gibbons, who has worked with Novo Nordisk for 15 years and delivered the Total Rewards Academy Program since 2017
  • The total value of 10 courses is USD 25,000 and requires 25 working days to complete, not including travel
  • With the Total Rewards Academy, the cost saving is significant at a price point of USD 8,350 per person, with travel expenses limited based on the variety of accessibility.





What do past participants say?

“The Total Rewards Academy has increased my understanding of all aspects of Rewards, and gave me the chance to study alongside colleagues from Scandinavian companies. It was a great confidence-building and networking experience, and I would recommend it to all Rewards specialists, at all levels, as a great way to get certification and to learn what other leading companies are doing.”


Paw Olsen
Senior C&B Specialist
Compensation & Benefits

 Lundbeck A/S

“Very pleased that  I was given the opportunity to participate as it has been a great introduction to Total Rewards. I really appreciate the insights and learnings from the 3 weeks we had together.”


Daniel Seco, GRP®
Director Global Mobility
 AB Electrolux

"During my time at Leo Pharma and Novo Nordisk I found The Total Rewards Academy an excellent way to learn and discuss the theories and practices of rewards with peers from different companies while getting the much sought after WorldatWork GRP® certification. It gives great insights to why certain approaches are favored over others, but also provides the opportunity to hear what other leading companies are doing and while doing so extending your professional network. I would recommend it for all who would love to get deeper into rewards theories and practices across all the professional levels."

Sebastian Khalife-Jaeger
Senior Rewards Consultant
Mercer Denmark

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