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The art of executive remuneration

Four unique days on how to compile executive pay and reward sturctures


The Reward Academy programme for 2019 is ready. 

After a succesfull inaugural year in 2018 we are delighted to offer you the Reward Academy in 2019 as well. New initiatives, such as the EU’s Shareholder Rights Directive, as well as growing shareholder rights and the importance of principles of responsible management are setting new requirements for how companies handle remuneration processes. 

Reward Academy - four days with focus on executive remuneration

In order to equip companies with capabilities to meet these new demands, the HCA Group at CBS, in partnership with Mercer Denmark, has established a Reward Academy for exec.rem. professionals. The programme consists of four one-day seminars from April to October. 

The purpose of the Reward Academy is to provide an opportunity for business professionals to meet and learn from each other’s experiences, while being exposed to leading research and best practices in the area of executive remuneration and corporate governance. 

The seminars combine academic presentations, companies’ cases and industry experts’ presentations. For each seminar there will be some readings required. Participants in the full programme will also get an access to a Knowledge Bank – a collection of selected readings on the topic of Remuneration and Corporate Governance. Upon completion, the participants will receive a participation certificate.  

Who can join?

The Reward Academy is targeting professionals working with executive remuneration. More generally, the Reward Academy targets individuals, who are interested in discussing and learning about the challenges and opportunities within this area. 


You can sign up for the full Reward Academy or for the individual sessions: Please note the Knowledge Bank is only available for the full Reward Academy participants.

  • All four sessions cost DKK. 30.000 (excl. VAT)
  • Individual sessions cost DKK 7.500 (excl. VAT)
    access to Knowledge Bank not included

Sign up for the full Reward Academy here: All four sesssions

Sign up for individual Reward Academy Sessions

Session One

Executive Remuneration in a General Context of Corporate Governance - 3 April 2019

Session Two

Pay for Performance: Principles and Perspectives - 23 may 2019

Session Three

Executive Remuneration Disclosure. Boardroom pay will be put into the public domain by 2020. How should you prepare? - 12 September 2019

Session Four

Shareholder Engagement - Challenges and Solutions. We are entering a new era of boardroom accountability – are you ready? - 24 October 2019


Why is the EU Shareholder Rights Directive important?

Many companies in Denmark are already open about remuneration policies and wage packages for top executives, but with the Shareholder Rights Directive, shareholders get a real impact on top executive remuneration. They can voice their opinion and vote at the General Assembly as it is seen in the United States, UK and Australia, where similar legislation has already been implemented.

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