We’ve delved into our Cost of Living Report (CoL) to see how much a sunny day picnic costs in select cities around the world, and our Quality of Living Report (QoL) to consider where the loveliest picnic could take place.Where will you choose to have your picnic? Explore our select ranking below.


Mercer's International Cost of Living Reports are designed to measure the differences in Cost of Living that international assignees face when abroad. We believe that our approach of using everyday items which most families purchase at home or abroad and that can be found in most cities around the world, coupled with weighting,  provides a strong international basket of goods and services to capture the typical spending patterns of todays’ expatriate. Use Mercers suggested international basket or try our Per Diem Tool that allows you to design and customize the basket for your assignees.


Mercer’s International Quality of Living Reports assess the differences in the quality-of-living in cities around the world, with some cities perceived to be safer, some providing more entertainment and leisure activities and some perceived to offer more comprehensive medical services. The purpose of the Quality-of-Living Reports is to provide you with an objective, consistent and comprehensive evaluation of the relative differences in quality of living between any two cities.


So, where will you choose to have your picnic?


Ranked 9th in the world in QoL, a picnic in Copenhagen will absolutely be a lovely day in the park, but might cost you a pretty penny. Consider to take a ride up to the top of the Berliner Fernsehturm and a bite of a delicious Bratwürst – From our trip around the world we found the ideal combination on both location and price to be in Berlin, Germany!





 What is in our picnic basket

Food at home
Coca Cola 1 ltr
Mineral water, non-sparkling 1 ltr
Mineral Water, sparkling 1 ltr
Onions 1 kg
Tomatoes 1 kg
Lettuce 1 kg
Beef, lean ground for hamburgers 1 kg
Sausages, wiener or frankfurter 1 kg
Ketchup 340 gr
Mustard, Dijon type 200 gr
Ice cream, vanilla 1 ltr
Potato chips, natural flavor 200 gr
Fine table salt 500 gr
Black pepper whole or ground 50 gr
Alcoholl and tobacco  
4 x Beer, imported type 0,33 ltr
Wine, finer estate bottled 0,75 ltr
Personal care
Suntan lotion 200 ml
Mosquito repellant

100 ml


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