Mercer’s proprietary Internal Labor Market (ILM) Analysis® provides a fact-based platform for making essential decisions about human capital. It examines the flow of people into, through, and out of the organization, which can be used to answer fundamental questions about an organization regarding who gets hired, who advances, and who stays and who exits across various levels of the organization. Having a two-group ILM map as part of your D&I strategy will give you insights in comparing headcount and talent flows e.g. by gender, nationality or age.

ILM Analysis® leverages an organization’s HR and payroll data and other relevant sources, including data on overall labor market conditions. It can help you to respond to rapidly changing workforce planning demands and make the right management and workforce decisions. 


At a more advanced level, ILM analysis provides critical insight into the operation of an organization’s management system, reflecting actual (vs. perceived) practices and their consequences. It focuses on causal links between critical workforce event and behaviors over time.


Mercer offers one ILM map and a 2-hour workshop with senior Mercer consultants discussing the findings and how they can support your organization’s DEI strategy. This also includes one map of your organization, 5 and 10-year project flows for each of the five career levels in the Flow analysis. Reach out today by filling out the form below.

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