Do you have an easily accessible and smart job architecture at your finger tips? Or do you still use cumbersome excel sheets containing thousands of job titles and descriptions? Would you like to create a solid job architecture without investing too many resources and build on best practices? We hear you.


A sound job architecture provides a consistent and transparent framework for career paths and development plans to all employees in the organization. It is the baseline for an enterprise-wide job and title evaluation which are required to run successful reward and development programs. A global job architecture enables organizations to plan and develop their workforce competencies strategically. 


Building the foundation for an effective workforce management

Key reasons for organizations to invest in their job architecture are:


Increasing HR effectiveness

A solid job architecture is the foundation for offering a seamless employee experience along the whole employee-life-cycle – including individual and targeted development and learning activities, transparent and sustainable career path and succession planning, as well as fair and effective compensation and total reward programs. 


HRIS implementation benefits

A solid job architecture enables HR managers to unleash the functionality of an integrated HR management and to provide predictive people analytics to the business – a major step towards strategic workforce planning. 


Changes to the organization

In order to manage changes after M&A growth and expenditure, spin-off or other organizational change activities fast and efficiently, HR managers need a solid job architecture. It enables them to quickly provide the business with the most effective set-up of the future organization based on optimal numbers of levels, impactful career paths and consistency in job evaluations.  

Setting up your job architecture with Mercer JAT


Discover the new Mercer Job Architecture Tool – the easiest way to built and maintain your job architecture online.


Explore the advantages of Mercer JAT


The Mercer Job Architecture Tool (JAT) allows you to build your company’s job architecture in an easy-to-use online tool which can be accessed and managed globally by an assigned HR  team. You don’t need extensive software trainings or to build up your architecture from scratch: With Mercer JAT you benefit from an intuitive user interface. And the built-in intelligence automatically provides you with relevant job families, levels and job descriptions. This makes it very easy to build a solid job architecture in a short period of time. 



In addition, you have unlimited access to our comprehensive job library and job descriptions with over 25,000 jobs to build your own job catalogue. The unique combination of tool and library offered by Mercer JAT enables you to easily manage, change and maintain your job architecture centrally. So whenever there are changes to your job architecture, you are ready to make them in just a couple of clicks.


Welcome to your “single point of truth” job architecture!

With Mercer JAT you can …


• Build your full job architecture structure with job families, sub-families and grades based on Mercer intelligence.

• Benefit from a tailored job architecture proposal model based on your company specific set-up and our experience.

• Access and use over 25,000 jobs and job descriptions from the Mercer Job library which are updated and extended regularly.

• Match your uploaded positions to your job architecture in a digital, real-time and intuitive method

• Maintain your job architecture online, export the adjusted job architecture or link it for further use e.g. with your HRIS. 

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