Organizations agree diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital for building a strong company culture—but getting the conversation around DEI started in the right way isn’t always easy. In fact, the No. 1 thing we hear from clients is that they simply do not know where to begin.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do we have an inclusive environment?
  • What is perceived as valued in our culture?
  • What does it mean to have a fair and inclusive culture?
  • Do employees in our company feel left out?
  • Now ask yourself – Do our employees agree with these responses? Does our company’s actions back up what we say?

If you can’t confidently answer these questions, it’s time to engage in a collective conversation with your employees. The best way to do this is with an employee listening program that allows you to capture thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feedback from your workforce and turn it into actionable insight. Now is the time to address DEI head on by actively engaging your employees in the discussion.



Pulse Surveys

Never miss a beat—issue regular pulse surveys to stay connected to all aspects of the employee experience. By continually listening, you can see how the results change over time as you make decisions.

Digital Focus Groups

Want to talk to 1,000 employees all at one? Easy! Crowdsource open and honest feedback with 100% anonymity in a live, collective conversation. With real-time results, you can quickly get the insights you need to guide your path forward.

Survey Data Analysis and Recommendations

Have you started the conversation with your employees but are not sure what to do next? Get a Mercer engagement expert’s in-depth analysis of your organizational data along with recommendations today. Let us help you meet your goals.

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