We welcome you to our Mercer & Girls Are Awesome, 90 minutes, DEI Roundtable & Panel Discussion (virtual) on 02 June at 10:00 CET.


Please join our dialogue on taking a more holistic approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). We invite you to engage actively in the chat by sharing experiences and asking questions to each other and our guests.


During the session you will get a closer look at case examples, tips on building your communication, insights from our panel discussion, and take part in breakout discussions.


The panelists are 
-   Sarah Barron, SVP Talent Management, Vestas
-   Dennis Andersen, HR Director, Central & North Europe, KONE
-   Niels Fibæk, CEO and Co-founder, Matter
-   Thandi Dyani, Head of Partnerships, Girls Are Awesome

who will participate in a conversation with Lea Lønsted, Head of DEI Consulting from Mercer.

The topic

We will discuss the advantages of taking a more holistic approach and consider DEI as a whole - creating a fundamental change and embedding it into your company culture. What barriers are companies facing and how can you create an environment where you can


  • challenge existing assumptions and hypothesis
  • confront the myths of meritocracy
  • uproot the inherent privileges possessed by some employee groups
  • build strong, transparent and honest communication on DEI initiatives, progress and strategy

There is a call for more actively engaging with both internal and external stakeholders. Especially young(er) people are more critical when it comes to authentic communication and will expect companies to communicate progress – and not necessarily perfection. 

See you soon.

Mercer Denmark DEI Team and Girls Are Awesome


The panel

Sarah Barron
Sarah Barron
SVP Global Talent Management, Vestas
Dennis Andersen
Dennis Andersen
HR Director, Central & North Europe, KONE
Thandi Dyani,
Thandi Dyani,
Head of Partnerships, Girls Are Awesome
Niels Fibæk
Niels Fibæk
CEO and CO-founder, Matter
Lea Lønsted
Lea Lønsted
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting, Mercer

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DEI Roundtable & Panel Discussion, 2 June, 2021, 10:00 am - 11:30 am CET

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  • 2 June, 2021
    10  am - 11:30 am CET